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Sacramento Ethnic Community Survey 
Ora 1 H:L story Index 

Interview of Billie (Tiny) Moore By Thomas D. Norris 

August 9, 1983 

i. me Into Jape 
0 ;; 00 

1 s 05 

3 m 20 
152 55 

17: 05 

19: is 





Introduction by interviewer. 

Early life in Texas. First 
music lessons. 

Early musical c ar eer , 1 930' s« 

Joins Bob Wills' band in Texas, 

Performing with Bob Wills in the 
Sacramento area. 

Bob Wills opens Sacramento area 
club, Wills-" Point!! description 
of club and activites, 1947-1949. 

Living in Sacramento and managing 
Wi 1 ls : " Point, 1950-1955. 

Begi nni ng of the Bi Hie Jac:k 
Wills' Band. List of personnel. 

Sunday night Mexican dances 
at Wills' Point. 

List of bands that played at Wills' 
Poi nt 

End of Side One 

0:00 Wills' Point as an recreational 

center: swi mmi ng pool, pi cni c: 

grounds, and restaurant. 

2:30 Radio shows, KFBK. Touring Oregon, 

Wash i ngt.i on, and Northern Ca 1 i f orn i a. 
Playing at McClellan Air Force Basel', 
civilian club. 

5:10 Recording contract with Bi11ie 

Jac k Wills Band. 


Moore Interview 


Billie Jack writes "Faded Love." 

End of Moore ' s assoc 1 at i on with 
the Wills' 1 brothers. 

Channel 10 television show, Ranch 
House Party- 

Moore is "Ranger Roy" for Channel 
10 chi1dren show, 1955-1961 - Works 
week--ends p 1 ayi ng musi c - 

Mo-Mo Clubs Black musicians in 
d own t own Sac:ramen t o ,, 1 950 ? s 

Local country and western clubs, 

1940's and 1950's. 

Begins teaching career- Opens 

Musi c Cent er1962 - 

Working with Merle Haggard, 1970s 
and 1980s- 

Impact of Bob Wills and his music 
on Sacramento- 

End of Interview